Stop Malware Activation and Operation

LookingGlass Dynamic Threat Defense™ (DTD) stops malware outbreaks, spear phishing attacks, and drive by downloads by combining a machine readable threat intelligence (MRTI) feed, specifically the LookingGlass Malicious C2 Data Feed, ingested by LookingGlass ScoutVision™ and delivered to LookingGlass DNS Defender®, a protocol-specific firewall. Only LookingGlass provides MRTI, Threat Intelligence Platform, and Threat Mitigation in a single solution that delivers superior protection while overcoming the cumbersome integration challenges of multi-vendor mitigation solutions based on traditional firewalls.


Key Benefits

Stop Threats Faster
DNS is an early warning system for attacks because attacks begin with a DNS lookup for a command and control (C2) or software download server. LookingGlass DTD stops threats and attacks before breaches occur by blocking or redirecting the malware DNS request for its C2 server.
Immediate Protection Upon Deployment
With DTD, your organization will achieve immediate protection upon deployment by preloading thousands of malware domains or IPs to mitigate.
Enhanced IT Operational Efficiency
LookingGlass DTD enhances operational efficiency by automatically configuring rule sets for protection against the highest severity active threats. Historical threat context provided by ScoutVision dramatically reduces the operational challenge of pruning rules created in the past while optimizing new rule definition.
Comprehensive Protection from a Single Vendor
LookingGlass DTD is a combination of upstream intelligence generation, midstream threat data enrichment and analysis, and downstream threat mitigation, all from one vendor.

LookingGlass DTD v1.0 Components

LookingGlass ScoutVision
LookingGlass DNS Defender
LookingGlass Virus Tracker
DNS Defender Management Analytics

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