% of CFOs consider malicious attacks (terrorism, tampering, etc.) a major threat

% of Healthcare sector CFOs indicate insufficient preparedness

The healthcare industry is quickly becoming a prime target of cyber attacks to the costly price of $6 billion a year. Malicious attacks have doubled in the past five years, and the Department of Health & Human Services’ records state that 88.4 million people were breeched last year. Information gained through a cyber attack can include Social Security numbers, insurance IDs, contact information, as well as medical history, which can sell for as much as 20x the price of a stolen credit card number. The costs are high for individuals, as well as the industry. The average data breach costs hospitals $2.1 million per occurrence.

With the constant barrage of cyber attacks being thrown at healthcare organizations and providers, it’s not enough to be vigilant. It is imperative to the protection of vital information assets that there be proactive and swift measures in place to address intelligence threats.

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