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The Human Side of Cybersecurity

The Human Side of Cybersecurity

As the waves of ransomware attacks continue to hit the shores of companies around the world prove, ...
Data Breach Alert: 9 States' Voter Databases for Sale

Data Breach Alert: 40 Million U.S. Voter Records for Sale

Over the past few weeks, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has tracked in an underground forum, the ...

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Weekly Threat Intelligence Brief: August 8, 2017

This weekly brief highlights the latest threat intelligence news to provide insight into the latest ...

Weekly Phishing Activity: August 7, 2017

The following data offers a snapshot into the weekly trends of the top industries being targeted by ...

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Polarity -  LookingGlass ScoutPrime Integration

Polarity & LookingGlass ScoutPrime Integration

In collaboration with LookingGlass, Polarity developed a real-time integration to the LookingGlass ...

CTO Corner: Threat Correlation Techniques for Assessing Targeted Attacks (Part 2)

In our last blog, Chief Technology Officer Allan Thomson and Principal Data Scientist Dr. Jamison ...