The Silent Threat : Third Party Cyber Risk

The Silent Threat: Third Party Cyber Risk

Third party risk is now a common and dangerous issue, costing organizations around the globe an ...
The Power of a Tailored Threat Model

The Power of a Tailored Threat Model

To move from a reactive to a proactive threat defense, companies need to implement a holistic ...
Cyber Threats to Public Safety

Cyber Threats to Public Safety

In the digital age, first responders rely on online communication and computer systems that are the ...
Need for Speed LookingGlass White Paper

The Need for Speed: Integrated Threat Response

Defending your organization is no easy task. A world of attackers wants to steal your sensitive ...
You're Only as Strong as Your Weakest Third Party

You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Third Party

Are your third party vendors a ticking time bomb? Outsourcing corporate data management to third ...


LookingGlass, SANS Webinar

Why Your Vulnerability Management Strategy Is Not Working – and What You Can Do About It

While many organizations understand that annual scans aren't enough, they still struggle with ...

The Round the Clock Third Party Advantage


The Geopolitics of Cyber Attacks

PODCAST: The Cyber Consequences of “America First”

President Trump’s summit in Vietnam with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went bust. Will talks ...

The CyberWire Daily Podcast: Down the BadRabbit Hole

LookingGlass Threat Researcher, Marcelle Lee recently wrote on the BadRabbit ransomware strain. ...

Automated Data Services

Fueling your security operations with the highest-grade intelligence is essential to having the ...

Brand Security-as-a-Service

What is LookingGlass Brand Security-as-a-Service? A completely outsourced way to protect your ...

Compromised Credential Information

LookingGlass Compromised Information Monitoring (CIM) provides early warning of compromised account ...

Cyber Attack Surface Analysis

The LookingGlass™ Supplier Cyber Attack Surface Analysis provides organizations with a detailed, ...

Cyber Safety Awareness Training

LookingGlass Cyber Safety Awareness Training is an award-winning education program designed to help ...


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ScoutThreat is a threat intelligence platform (TIP) focused on helping the organization disseminate intelligence by allowing threat modeling between atomic indicators and higher-level objects, assigning risk scores, and prioritizing threats as they pertain to your organization.

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Overcoming the Cyber Skills Gap

Overcoming the Cyber Skills Gap

A looming topic over the cybersecurity industry is the shortage of skilled cyber workers. In this ...
Cyber Security ABCs

Cyber Security ABCs

So far, 2018 has seen 850 reported data breaches and 34 million exposed records. And that's only in ...
Assembling a Modern Security Operation Center

Assembling a Modern Security Operation Center

Enterprise-level SOCs may have as many as 50 security appliances, all which are difficult to ...
You're Only As Strong As Your Weakest Third Party

You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Third Party

Third party risk monitoring infograph from LookingGlass Cyber, the leaders in 3rd party risk ...
Deep or Dark Web Infographic

Deep or Dark Web?

Have questions about the differences about the deep or dark web, differences and challenges? An ...
High Quality Threat Intelligence | LookingGlass Cyber

High Quality Threat Intelligence

The volume of cyber threats continue to rise -- hackers breach companies every 39 seconds and 2.6 ...