Data is not intelligence until it is contextualized to you


Unique Footprinting

Unique Footprinting Capabilities

Rapidly create dynamic footprints of any internet-accessible asset or network of interest. This gives you a “hacker’s view” of your organization’s technical risk.


Data Relevance

Out-of-the-box scoutPRIME aggregates, normalizes, and indexes 88 sources of technical and threat-related data, generating a customizable threat score for every asset and organization of interest

Efficient and

Efficient and Effective

scoutPRIME automates threat intelligence ingestion, correlation, and reporting, freeing up precious cycles for your cybersecurity staff to focus on higher value activities


Always-On Monitoring

scoutPRIME enables continuous monitoring of the cybersecurity posture of not only your organization’s networks, but those of vendors, suppliers, and other third parties

Establish Your Risk Tolerance

Leverage LookingGlass’™ proprietary Threat Indicator Confidence™ (TIC) scoring to find relevant threats faster and reduce alert fatigue. This score lets you tune incoming incidents based on your risk tolerance – identifying only the highest-priority threats to your organization

With automated TIC scoring you can:

  • Score the entire Internet and all associated intelligence
  • Create a visual representation of network elements
  • Rank threats based on your organization’s environment, threat landscape, and security posture
  • Rate sources, classification, and criticality of intelligence and ultimately see how that rolls up across the global Internet

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