LookingGlass Protected Site Seal
If you’ve ended up on this page, it’s likely you clicked on a logo like the one above and are wondering what it is.

The LookingGlass Protected Site Seal is a trust mark displayed on the websites of organizations that utilize LookingGlass Anti-Phishing Solutions to provide early detection of sites used for phishing attacks. The seal indicates that the organization is serious about proactively protecting its customers from online fraud and identity theft.

For criminals, phishing has become one of the most common and effective online scams. The schemes are varied, typically involving some combination of spoofed junk (spam) email, malicious software (malware), and fake web pages to harvest your personal information or plant malware on your device.

To address the phishing threat, leading organizations are using an intelligence-led approach to security – one that provides early warning of phishing attacks and other risks to protect their customers from online fraud. LookingGlass Anti-Phishing Solutions enable organizations to quickly identify, shut down, and recover from online scams that mislead customers through fraudulent use of their corporate identity.

By implementing the LookingGlass Protected Site Seal on your website, we’ll be alerted whenever someone tries to copy your website for malicious purposes. We guarantee that we will detect 100 percent of all ingested phishing attacks targeting your customers when you deploy the LookingGlass Protected Seal and automated fraud feed.