Key Advantages

Inline Mitigation
at Line Rates

Aeonik Inline Mitigation at Line Rates

Extend Zeek’s detection capabilities for automated, inline defense to dynamically defend your network.


Aeonik Stealth Mode

With no Layer 2 (MAC) or Layer 3 (IP) address, Eclipse’s presence is completely invisible to potential adversaries. You can’t hack or circumvent the defenses you can’t see.

Shape the
Adversary’s Experience

Aeonik Shape the Adversary’s Experience

Enable your deception technology and introduce re-direction and re-routing actions. Reverse the economics of cybercrime by forcing adversaries to waste time and resources in ways that don’t reveal your defenses.

Layers of the Security Fabric

At its core, Eclipse provides deep visibility into communications across on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid environments, illuminating all areas of the environment to identify, hunt, disrupt, and respond to adversary activities at the moment and point of attack.

We added behavioral and signature-based detection and extended those or dynamic, coordinated, and automated network defense, all at line rate.

Eclipse’s capabilities go beyond simple block, drop, and quarantine. With Eclipse, you can defend, confuse, deceive, and delay attacks at the most appropriate phase of the kill chain.

Aeonik Sec Fab Layer Infograph V1 Aeonik Fabric



Secure Deployment ModelsSecure Deployment Models — Eclipse is a distributed, high-performance invisible fabric tailored to extremely secure environments, targeting Common Criteria & NIAP accreditation.



Cost-Effective ScalabilityCost-Effective Scalability — Pricing is based on amount of traffic protected (Gbps) not on hardware units, interface speeds, or number of locations. This eliminates the cost and redundancy penalties typically associated with specialty, appliance-based solutions.

Integrate with Past Investments and Future Environments Integrate with Past Investments and Future Environments — Built on open standards and protocols like OpenFlow, Eclipse simplifies integration “out of the box” via pre-built integrations for leading SIEMs, Threat Intelligence feeds, and other common elements of the security stack by communicating via common formats like STIX 2.1, Common Event Format (CEF) and Log Event Extended Format (LEEF).


Software-DefinedSoftware-Defined — Can be deployed in any environment – whether cloud, hybrid, on-premise – and network topology, and in as many locations as desired.

CloudShield™ Eclipse

Unique to LookingGlass, Eclipse is a software-based solution that can be placed at any point in your enterprise network to provide comprehensive visibility, advanced threat response, and automated mitigation across your entire network. Because Eclipse requires no specialty hardware, there is no cost penalty for redundancy, allowing your security team to dynamically protect its borderless and micro-segmented network.

CloudShield™ Eclipse Dotted Fabric

Distributed Active Cyber Defense.