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Posted August 1, 2017

Observed Serving ExecutablesIn collaboration with LookingGlass, Polarity developed a real-time integration to the LookingGlass scoutPRIME® threat intelligence platform. scoutPRIME makes security analysts more efficient in addressing their threat landscape by customizing how threat intelligence is viewed, scored, prioritized, and acted upon.

Polarity’s scoutPRIME integration brings that threat intelligence right to your desktop via our heads-up display as you are looking at IP addresses, CIDR ranges, or domains. Whether you’re reviewing logs in a virtual machine or reading a PDF formatted threat report, contextually relevant scoutPRIME data is brought to you to improve your decision making and tactical awareness.

Check out the integration in action:

Our suite of products and services enable our intelligence-driven approach to be proactively leveraged by clients unlike any other company in the industry. LookingGlass solutions are highly scalable to fit any size organization and any level of security operations sophistication and maturity.

For more information on scoutPRIME, please visit:

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