Join Washington Cyber Roundtable and LookingGlass Cyber Solutions™ for a one-hour webinar on the groundbreaking report from LookingGlass, Operation Armageddon: Cyber Espionage as a Strategic Component of Russian Modern Warfare.

In April, a team of cybersecurity researchers at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions released an in depth report documenting how cyber warfare and espionage have been used in coordination with kinetic warfare, battlefield planning, and troop movement, along with other strategic military tactics and assets. This report, entitled Operation Armageddon: Cyber Espionage as a Strategic Component of Russian Modern Warfare was produced by the LookingGlass Cyber Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG) and is one of the first to fully document and analyze a sophisticated state-sponsored cyber campaign. Its findings explain in practical terms how cyber is reshaping modern warfare.

Steven Weinstein, one of the top threat researchers of CTIG, explains the report and answers your questions about its findings. “Operation Armageddon” has been an active campaign since at least mid-2013 and reveals a Russian espionage campaign that is designed to give decision-making advantage to leadership by targeting Ukrainian government, law enforcement, and military officials in order to steal information to provide insight into near term Ukrainian intentions and plans. In the case of “Operation Armageddon,” it started with a curiosity and resulted in very informative findings as to the impact and prevalence of nation state sponsored cyber attacks/initiatives.

For more information on these findings, please join us for this co-sponsored webinar provided by Washington Cyber Roundtable and LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.

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