Secuosis - Building A Threat Intelligence Program That Works For You

Analyst White Paper

Securosis: “Building A Threat Intelligence Program”

In this white paper, Securosis, a top cyber security research and advisory firm, helps security teams learn how to develop a threat intelligence program that leverages both strategic and tactical threat intelligence in a systematic way to enable detection and resolution of attacks faster.

“Threat intelligence has made a significant difference in how organization’s focus resources on their most significant risks.”
– Securosis White Paper

The report discusses a wide range of topics including:

  • The value of threat intelligence
  • Selecting and gathering data sources
  • Developing, managing and using intelligence
  • Key use cases such as incident response
  • Automation and monitoring
  • Defining and communicating success
  • And much more.

LookingGlass pairs the Securosis white paper with an overview of advanced threat intelligence platforms and network-based threat mitigation solutions to drive more efficient and effective security operations.

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