Information Security Threat Landscape

2015 was a landmark year for information security. We saw new and sophisticated malvertising campaigns, a shift in hacktivists’ tactics, an increased emphasis on vendor/third-party security practices, and companies combatting employee negligence with security awareness training. All of these issues beg the question, what could possibly be in store for 2016?

In this white paper, we review five distinct trends that affected the 2015 information security threat landscape, which included:

  • Vendor security under increased scrutiny as a result of outsourcing and high-profile breaches
  • Criminal organizations and state actors leveraged malvertising campaigns
  • Lack of employee security awareness is a main concern for most organizations
  • Hacktivism remained strong while geo-political attacks declined
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): An expanding frontier for hackers

Additionally, we see the following as the biggest information security issues for 2016:

  • Small businesses will be under attack
  • Rise in compromised internal communications systems
  • Evolving threat landscape will be a barrier to the cyber insurance market
  • Social engineering attacks to play a larger role in security breaches

Find out more in the full white paper, “Information Security Threat Landscape: Recent Trends and 2016 Outlook.”

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