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CIO Review - 20 Most Promising DDoS Solution Providers 2016Today, an increasing security challenge is the large number of low-cost, poorly secured, connected devices spurred by the Internet of Things (IoT). Massive botnets of compromised devices, controlled easily by relocatable command and control (C2) infrastructure, overwhelm enterprises with billions of data requests that can knock services offline for hours or even days, costing upwards of $40,000 per day and many times more for ecommerce firms.

LookingGlass is able to address this challenge in multiple ways. First, its threat intelligence platforms identify the malware, actors, and devices that comprise the DDoS botnet, bringing great visibility to the risks. Second, its collection of known bad C2 domains, integrated with their threat intelligence gateways, disrupts communication between the compromised devices and the C2 servers, effectively rendering the malware harmless. Finally, in the case of DNS, their DNS Defender firewall protects authoritative and recursive DNS servers from DDoS and other types of DNS attacks.

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