By now, the majority of us have likely been inundated with stories about third party data breaches and how one vendor’s vulnerability can cost your organization millions. But how do you know if you’re doing enough to stop third party risk?

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Eric Olson, LookingGlass Vice President of Intelligence Operations
Nick Hayes, Forrester Senior Analyst – Security & Risk

As we enter 2018, new U.S. and European cyber regulations are going into effect, and organizations can no longer check the box when it comes to their vendors’ cybersecurity. You are not only liable for knowing where you are most at-risk, but now you must also understand how that risk affects your organization and identify a solution for mitigating that risk.

This webinar features guest speaker Nick Hayes, Senior Analyst at Forrester and LookingGlass VP of Intelligence Operations Eric Olson. They will delve into the third party risk landscape: our current state of affairs, and where the industry is moving, as well as how you can take a different approach to third party risk prevention, including:

  • How to see where your vendors are already compromised
  • The importance of actionable intelligence for real-time mitigation
  • Why a continuous monitoring solution is the future of third party risk

About the Speakers

  • eric-olsen

    Eric Olson
    Vice President of Intelligence Operations, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

    LookingGlass Vice President of Intelligence Operations

  • nick-hayes

    Nick Hayes
    Senior Analyst – Security & Risk, Forrester

    Forrester Senior Analyst – Security & Risk