Vendors, suppliers, and independent subsidiaries are gaining more and more access to your network and sensitive data because today’s business models include outsourcing of non-mission critical programs and tasks, which brings a whole new world of risk to your organization. These not so new cyber risks make traditional perimeter defense no longer enough. Companies need continuous visibility and monitoring of their external partners threat landscapes. Use a cyber situational awareness platform that provides you with a map of your cyber risks you can identify vulnerabilities before the adversary does.

In this webinar, LookingGlass Product Manager, Brandon Dobrec and Security Ledger Editor-in-Chief, Paul Roberts will discuss what you need to assess vendors in the modern cyber environment, providing you with the right map to assess your external risk.

This webinar will answer:

  • Why point-in-time scorecards are a necessary component of third party risk management, but are woefully inadequate for proactively defending against future attacks
  • How a cyber situational platform delivers an outside-in view of your network, allowing you to see gaps in your network
  • Tools, capabilities, features, and functionalities are needed to assess vendor risk – continuous monitoring, alerting, reporting, and dynamic collection & scoring, among others
  • Common attack vectors, why these vectors remain open, and what attack vectors are emerging regularly

About the Speakers

  • Brandon Dobrec

    Brandon Dobrec
    Product Manager, LookingGlass Cyber Solution

  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts
    Editor-in-Chief, Security Ledger