Traditional cybersecurityCybersecurity: A set of security techniques that are designed to protect the integrity of computer systems, programs and data from theft and damage to their hardware, software or other information as well as the disruption and misappropriation of their services. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - Professional paid ninjas who protect the cyber world from cyber attacks. Everybody is doing it, but we have the double black belt with the Versace logo. So yeah, we’re really good. leads with a “block & tackle” strategy. But as threats become more complex, targeted, and sophisticated, security operations centers (SOC) require a better understanding of how threats beyond the perimeter interact with their network. Join IDC special guest, Research Director Chris Kissel and LookingGlass Product Manager Brandon Dobrec in a discussion on modern-day SOC needs for a threat platform that marries automated intelligence tradecraft with the human element.

About the Speakers

  • Chris Kissel
    Research Director, IDC

    Chris Kissel is a Research Director in IDC's Security Products group, responsible for cybersecurity technology analysis, emerging trends, and market share reporting. Mr Kissel’s primary research areas are identity access management (IAM) and security and vulnerability management (SVM) platforms. Cybersecurity extends beyond premises-based solutions, and the emphasis of Mr. Kissel’s research will be on the establishment of identity across heterogeneous networks (including cloud environment), and the role of analytics pertaining to SVM.

  • Brandon Dobrec

    Brandon Dobrec
    Product Manager, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions