In the highly dynamic online landscape of misinformation, fake news, gossip, and the trading of absconded data, organizations must expand their cybersecurity arsenals in protecting their brands, personnel, facilities, and sensitive information. They must take into account what exists outside the perimeter in the greater cyber ecosystem: the surface, dark, and deep web. Locating and assessing these threats, however, is a challenge for even experienced threat hunters. The tools and techniques are non-standard. You should ask yourself, “Is my security team ready to tackle what lies beyond the perimeter?” If not, let us shed light on this topic.

Watch LookingGlass’ “Threats Beyond the Perimeter” webinar on-demand  to hear Michael Suby, VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan and James Carnall, VP of Customer Support Group at LookingGlass discuss how these scenarios may affect your brand, employees, and facilities.

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About the Speakers

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    Michael Suby
    Vice President of Research, Frost & Sullivan

    Mr. Suby assists his seasoned team of analysts and business strategists in defining research direction and growing business. Additionally, Mr. Suby is the Program Director for Frost & Sullivan's Information & Network Security research program and a routine contributor to this program's body of work.

  • James Carnall

    James Carnall
    Vice President of Customer Support, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

    As Vice President of LookingGlass’ Customer Support Group, James Carnall leads a team of more than 80 analysts based in LookingGlass’ 24x7 Cyber Security Center. Since joining the company in 2005, James’ focus has been on Brand Protection, Social Media Impersonation, Cyber Security Monitoring, Anti-Phishing, and Security Response. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Security with a minor in Business Management from George Mason University.