How Are You Managing Cyber Risk From Your Third Party Relationships?

Outsourcing and strategic partnerships have become a staple in today’s business climate, enabling organizations to drive business value and stay ahead of the competition. However, moving company information outside of its own defense perimeter opens an organization up to a myriad of cybersecurityCybersecurity: A set of security techniques that are designed to protect the integrity of computer systems, programs and data from theft and damage to their hardware, software or other information as well as the disruption and misappropriation of their services. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - Professional paid ninjas who protect the cyber world from cyber attacks. Everybody is doing it, but we have the double black belt with the Versace logo. So yeah, we’re really good. vulnerabilities. Organizations need to have the tools and resources to determine the risk from 3rd party relationships and manage that risk in a timely and consistent manner.

In this webinar, Senior Sales Engineer Ryan Curran will show you how to:

  • Identify and monitor threats targeting your extended ecosystem
  • Use a threat intelligenceThreat Intelligence: Evidence-based knowledge about an existing hazard designed to help organizations understand the risks common and severe external threats, used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - Actionable, relevant, and timely information that can help when assessing the security posture of an organization. A little more left. No no, that’s now too far... platform for third-party risk managementThird-Party Risk Management: The process of assessing third party risks such as questionnaires that go out to your third party, analyzing and controlling risks presented to your company and data that can expose risks to you and your company. LookingGlass Cyber (n) - Similar to being in a relationship, anything that your partner catches can be passed to you. Options are available to manage the risk of catching something. workflows
  • Leverage Threat Indicator Confidence Scoring and pre-packaged threat intelligence to start monitoring 3rd parties within minutes