LookingGlass Cyber and Smokescreen invite security practitioners who are currently not using deception-based threat defenses to discover how it can reduce operational complexity. Through targeted luring, invisible decoy routing, and behavior-based threat mitigation, you will bring greater visibility and intelligence into your security operations.

Allan Thomson and Chris Dahlheimer, LookingGlass Chief Technology Officer and AeonikProduct Owner, and Sahir Hidayatullah, Smokescreen CEO, will team up to take you under the hood of our integrated deception technology and discuss the following advantages:

  • Forensic intelligence on your adversaries to better understand their motivations and plan more effective defense strategies
  • An invisible MAC/IP layer that allows you to proactively target and lure adversaries into deception decoys
  • Targeted mitigation options that enable you to delay or avert adversary attacks, and refine your response based on their behaviors

The team will provide multiple, live demonstrations so you see how these technologies work together to enhance your day-to-day security threat detection and mitigation activities.
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About the Speakers

  • Allan Thomson

    Allan Thomson
    Chief Technology Officer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • Chris Dahlheimer

    Chris Dahlheimer
    Aeonik Product Owner, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • Sahir Hidayatullah

    Sahir Hidayatullah
    CEO, Smokescreen Technologies