Our webinar with LookingGlass’ Senior Directors of Intelligence, Olga Polishchuk and Jonathan Tomek will explore how you and your security team can benefit from finished intelligence, including insights into key topics like policy, high-profile events, and threat trends. Whether you need to know more about international business law or want to a specific threat actor’s profile, having strategic intelligence at your fingertips can help keep your organization safe from cyber and physical threats.

“I have to prepare a report for our senior management, but don’t have the necessary intel.”

“We have an international event happening in our city. Having strategic intelligence will help our security team be prepared.”

“If my team had access to finished intelligence, they would be better able to predict lateral movements by adversaries.”

Watch now on-demand to learn how you can enable your security team to make better tactical and business decisions.

Earn 1 hour CPE credit for viewing this webinar

About the Speakers

  • Olga Polishchuk

    Olga Polishchuk
    Senior Director of Investigation, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • Jonathan_Tomek

    Jonathan Tomek
    Senior Director of Research, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions