Today, it is not enough to protect your assets by collecting high quality threat intelligence – organizations need inline detection and mitigation at line-speed to fully protect themselves from incoming or existing threats on the network. As cybersecurity strategy shifts towards a “Zero Trust” model, your organization needs to ensure that every device, user, workload, or system is being monitored, both within and without your network perimeter. Implementing this model with existing point solutions without creating security gaps is difficult – which is where the Cybersecurity Fabric comes in. With a cybersecurity fabric draped over your existing network architecture, each piece of the fabric can respond to threats in a coordinated manner to defend and protect your organization.

Join LookingGlass Product Owner, Chris Dahlheimer, with Paul Roberts of Security Ledger as they discuss how weaving a strong Cybersecurity Fabric protects your organization by integrating the network protection your organization has already invested in.

About the Speakers

  • Chris Dahlheimer

    Chris Dahlheimer
    Product Owner, Threat Mitigation, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts
    Editor in Chief, The Security Ledger