Cyber Attack Surface Webinar

Webinar: Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Assessing Cyber Risk to Reduce Your Attack Surface.

Bigger Isn't Always Better: Assessing Cyber Risk to Reduce Your Attack Surface.Speakers:
Eric Olson, VP of Intelligence Operations
James Carnall, VP, Cyber Security Center

Ransomware, spear phishing and third party breaches have become a huge problem as organizations become more connected online and expand their cyber footprint. When even the largest and most sophisticated global organizations, government agencies, and multinational banks are routinely penetrated and taken offline by cyber criminals, how can a concerned enterprise quickly and cost-effectively evaluate their own risk?

During this webinar, Vice President of Intelligence Operations Eric Olson and Vice President of the Cyber Security Center James Carnall will discuss how organizations can evaluate their internal and third party cyber risk to:

  • Minimize your attack surface for increased visibility
  • Make smarter and more cost-effective investments in your security posture
  • Proactively look for potential leaks, theft of sensitive data or other holes in your security posture

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