CTI Collaboration – STIX/TAXII v2 Interoperability Challenges and Solutions

Keys to successful STIX2-Based Cyber Threat IntelligenceThreat Intelligence: Evidence-based knowledge about an existing hazard designed to help organizations make inform decisions regarding their response to the threat. Sharing

Threats in today’s cyber landscape are becoming increasingly sophisticated. To successfully fend off attacks, organizations need security tools that work effectively and efficiently across vendors; however, it is not uncommon for one vendor’s products to not work with others, despite claiming support for standards. In this webinar, we will introduce some of the key challenges a heterogeneous integrated security environment must solve and how STIX/TAXII2 standards-based technologies support solving those challenges in a new and effective manner.

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About the Speakers

  • Allan Thomson

    Allan Thomson
    CTO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • Jason Keirstead, IBM

    Jason Keirstead
    STSM, Product Architect, Security Intelligence, IBM Security Systems

  • Henry Peltokangas, Cisco Systems

    Henry Peltokangas
    Product Manager, Network Security, Cisco Systems