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A Guide To Threat Intelligence Selection | LookingGlass

A Guide To Threat Intelligence Selection And Use

When operationalized effectively, threat intelligence can help companies identify business risks and implement protections that specifically address their most serious cybersecurity challenges. This includes everything...

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hird Party Risk eBook Online

One Solution Does Not Fit All

Are your third party vendors a ticking time bomb? Outsourcing corporate data management to third party vendors is not new. We’ve all heard the saying,...

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2017 Actionable Threat Intelligence Survey

Do You Have the Policies, Personnel and Tools to Get the Most Out of Your Threat Intel? Download the survey to hear from Doug Dangremond,...

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Uses,Successes and Failures: The SANS 2017 CTI Survey

Over the past year, Yahoo revealed the largest data breaches in history,and nation-state hacking activity was suspected in tampering with the U.S. presidential election. More...

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White Paper: SANS 2016 Analytics and Intelligence Survey

SANS 2016 Analytics and Intelligence Survey

Based upon the 2015 survey results, SANS concluded that “results seem to indicate slow and steady progress but also underscore a significant lack of maturity...

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CIO Review - DDOS - 20 Most Promising Solution Providers 2016

CIOReview: Empowering Confident Real-Time Decisions

Today, an increasing security challenge is the large number of low-cost, poorly secured, connected devices spurred by the Internet of Things (IoT). Massive botnets of...

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Building A Threat Intelligence Program That Works For You – White Paper

In this white paper, Securosis, a top cyber security research and advisory firm, helps security teams learn how to develop a threat intelligence program that...

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Four Steps to Effectively Protecting Your Organization from Phishing Attacks

Four Steps to Protecting Against Phishing Attacks

Although it’s been around for years, phishing is still one of the most common and effective online scams. The explosive rise of mobile devices, mobile...

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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence: For Threat Prevention, Detection & Response

According to ESG research, security teams are investing in threat intelligence with the goals of becoming more efficient and effective at incident prevention, detection, and...

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CIOReview: CEO Perspectives Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Businesses and governments continue to struggle with effectively and efficiently defending their organization and constituents from cyber attacks. The impact of cyber attacks is global...

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