Your enterprise’s list of third party vendors and suppliers keeps growing – and with it, your third party risk. As reliance on these vendors increases, attackers have learned to take advantage of third party’s poor cyber practices. Keeping track of your suppliers’ cyber practices can be a daunting task, but continuous monitoring of your higher risk suppliers is crucial to the safety of your business. LookingGlass and Farsight have found that combining continuous monitoring with Passive DNS Data provides your organization comprehensive visibility into the history and happenings of your third party’s domain activities, enabling your team to detect anomalous activity before it becomes a problem.

Reducing Third Party Risk Using Passive DNS Data

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How to assess risk for each vendor to determine the correct course of action
  • How to utilize passive DNS to examine patterns in your vendor’s cyber practices—digging deeper than just the surface-level domain name history
  • The benefit of combining passive DNS with continuous monitoring for total visibility into your third party’s networks


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Reducing Third Party Risk Using Passive DNS Data