Professional Services

The LookingGlass Cyber Solutions™ Professional Services team helps customers implement best practices for their deployments to maximize the return on investment in LookingGlass products and solutions. Our team of developers, analysts and system administrators holds top government security clearances and has extensive experience working with leading government and commercial organizations.

LookingGlass Professional Services offerings help organizations understand and continuously monitor threats and exposures in their networks, manage threat intelligence sources and processes, integrate with their security operations and implement dynamic network defense.

Contact us for more information on the following Professional Services offerings:

Incident Response - Hosted Forensic Support
This service helps customers research incidents and data breaches. After a data breach or in support of an ongoing forensic investigation, LookingGlass will work with customer to analyze customer specific NetFlow information using ScoutInterXect™, and correlate with historical and real time global threat intelligence using ScoutVision™ aiding the identification, scope, criticality, and attribution of a data breach. For specified time-periods and networks, LookingGlass can identify and correlate threat indicator conditions prior to, during, or after the event. LookingGlass can also provide ecosystem analysis of not only customer networks but also third-party networks (such as vendors) that may have been exploited in the breach. LookingGlass Professional Services will:

  • Specify network and temporal scope of investigation
  • Collect, ingest and integrate NetFlow data to ScoutInterXect for scoped networks
  • Research the attack surface prior to, during and following the event to identify network exposures in company or relevant third-party networks
  • Identify indications of reconnaissance activity from threat actors on customer or third-party networks
  • Analyze NetFlows between target and attacker network elements; researchers can drill down on type of threat, time of flows, ports used, flow size
  • Report on findings
  • Collaborate with other organizations retained by the customer
Network Footprint Report
This service package helps customers assess network risk by providing a network footprint analysis of public facing IP networks and domain names registered to an organization. LookingGlass Professional Services will:

  • Tag enterprise network elements
  • Use the ScoutVision SDK and ScoutVision API to develop a footprint report
Collection Trending Report
This service package helps customers determine their threat activity baseline and understand trends. LookingGlass Professional Services will:

  • Generate ScoutVision daily activity files and reports for a specific network collection or set of collections
  • Use the ScoutVision SDK and ScoutVision API to develop periodic (monthly or weekly) collection trending report based on daily activity reports
Ecosystem Benchmark Report
This service package helps customers understand threats that target similar organizations in their sector or their supply-chain. For a specific collection of organization networks, this service will collect system tags daily and provide a monthly report.

All the above services will be delivered within 30 days of implementation. At the end of each service, LookingGlass Professional Services will deliver to the customer all templates, monitors, scripts and corresponding SDK’s.