Cyber threats are becoming more frequent and more targeted. Bad actors are more adept at social engineering and investigating your network and infrastructure to understand your organization’s cyber strengths and weaknesses. Security teams need to focus on who or what will seek to exploit them and how they are likely to do so, instead of being hyper-focused on just the threat itself.

This webinar delves into how one of the world’s top financial services firms developed and implemented a robust threat model capable of repelling the world’s most sophisticated hackers and nation-state actors. Join LookingGlass Product Manager, Dan Martin, and Security Ledger Editor-in-Chief, Paul Roberts for an introduction to scoutTHREAT™, a threat management platform that helps security analysts streamline threat analysis work and extract the maximum value from threat intelligence.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

– Advantages of modeling adversaries to get ahead of threats to your IT environment
– Structuring threat models to account for a myriad of sophisticated cyber risks
– How to overcome hurdles in creating robust threat models that address real-world risks
– How scoutTHREAT can help you build a proactive security posture


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About the Speakers

  • Dan Martin Headshot

    Dan Martin
    Product Manager, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

  • paul-roberts

    Paul Roberts
    Editor-in-Chief, Security Ledger