President Trump’s summit in Vietnam with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went bust. But will the breakdown in talks reignite North Korean hacking activity against US targets?

And how about the U.S. administrations off- again, on-again trade negotiations with China? Have those quieted Chinese hackers preying on US firms, or accelerated such activity?

Those are the kind of questions our second guest, Olga Polishchuk of the firm LookingGlass. We invited Olga into the studio to talk about the evolving threat of spear phishing and executive email compromise attacks, as well as the effect of emerging regulatory frameworks like GDPR and state level data privacy laws in the US.

In this conversation, she talks about the growing role of cyber actions in geopolitical maneuvering. We also talk about the changing nature of targeted attacks like spear phishing and business email compromise attacks, which increasingly leverage highly accurate personal information to fool victims.