ScoutVision™ Micro Focus Integration

ScoutVision Micro Focus IntegrationIntegrating ScoutVision™ With Micro Focus

The LookingGlass ScoutVision threat intelligence platform, with its 100 threat intelligence feeds, integrates into Micro Focus increasing the effectiveness of your SIEM.

ScoutVision is an advanced threat intelligence platform focused on identifying malicious threats and threat actors eyeing to harm your network. ScoutVision’s strength lies in its ability to footprint a network, and identify known organizational assets. By integrating Micro Focus with LookingGlass’ ScoutVision intelligence platform, the organization centralizes and mobilizes security operations in one place, to highlight known and unknown threats, increasing your overall awareness of their possible impact to your organization. Remediation of an attack, however, doesn’t stop there.

LookingGlass threat intelligence feeds provide a layer of protection unmatched in the industry that enable threat analysts to perform actionable steps in the efforts to mitigate threats in a timely manner throughout the cyber threat lifecycle.

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