The LookingGlass™ Third Party Risk Monitoring service delivers continuous visibility into the risk exposure and attack surface of your organization’s key vendors. This service is a completely outsourced way to analyze your third party vendors’ risk impact on your organization.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, you need more than just an automated scorecard or self-service tool for monitoring third party risk. While these may be acceptable for organizations just looking to “check the box,” those that genuinely want to understand and proactively reduce their risk need an option that truly operationalizes threat intelligence and protects against threat actors, spear phishing, and data breaches.

What you Get

  • Continuous scanning of the surface, deep, and dark web for customer and employee access credentials
  • Monthly summary reports detailing findings, changes, and trends observed
  • Ongoing monitoring of vendors’ network, domain names, and IP space for any new indications of exposure, compromise, infection, or illicit use in eight specific categories:
    • Malware Hosting/Distribution
    • Spam
    • Virus/Botnet Infection
    • Darknet/Tor Traffic
    • Command-and-Control
    • Activity Phishing Activity
    • Malicious/Scanning
    • Behavior Ransomware
  • Coverage of more than 6,000 known threat actors, activists, and groups
  • Suspicious/high-risk domain name registrations that might be weaponized for spear phishing and social engineering/business email compromise campaigns
  • Announcement of data breaches related to a specified vendor
  • Receive our optional Cyber Attack Surface Analysis report for specified vendors to analyze five critical areas of cyber risk

With 63% of data breaches originating in the supply chain, organizations need solutions to better anticipate threats, whether it’s their own vulnerabilities or those of a third party vendor. Read our third party ebook to find out what tools you need to prevent third party risk, and how threat intelligence can help.

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