The LookingGlass™ Corporate and Supplier Cyber Attack Surface Analysis offerings are a measurable and cost-effective way for organizations to examine their internal security posture as well as that of their third party vendors. The reports assess five categories of cyber risk, and unlike simpler, fully automated reports or “scorecards”, each section is reviewed and analyzed by expert intelligence analysts in the LookingGlass Special Investigations Unit.


Evidence of System Compromise or Infection:
Identifies evidence of live or recent infections on your network from botnets, viruses and malware.

Compromised User Accounts:
Identifies account credentials among billions of breached records.

Vulnerabilities in Externally-Facing Applications:
Maps your public facing Internet footprint and itemizes the type, number and severity of vulnerabilities available to an outside threat actor.

Domain Portfolio and Spear Phishing Risk: Analyzes registered domain names for fakes and look-alikes to identify likely vectors for spear phishing.

Online Indications and Warnings:
Examines feeds, posts and online chatter from more than 6,000 known actors and groups, as well as hacker channels and the dark web.


Analysis from Trained Experts

This isn’t a pushbutton scorecard based on automated scans. The LookingGlass Special Investigations Unit reviews and analyzes every report in all five cyber risk areas to explain the meaning of the data and the specific risks identified.

Breadth of Sources

By combining structured data from LookingGlass ScoutVision; proprietary LookingGlass tools, systems and databases; and threat intelligence from the surface, deep and dark web, your organization will have a single, unified view of your vendors’ cyber risk footprint. You can quantifiably assess and measure their security posture as threats continually evovle.

Inform GRC (governance, risk and compliance) Policies and Activities

Quickly and cost-effectively identify holes in your third party vendors’ security posture to streamline vendor procurement and renewal processes, as well as ensure compliance with various industry regulations.

Clear Methodology

No “black boxes” here. Each of the five areas of cyber risk include a clearly detailed methodology section so you can understand exactly how sources are examined and determined to be a cyber risk.

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