What’s Included

Looking Glass’ Brand Protection Services include the following:

Brand Abuse Detection

With over 100 million registered domains worldwide, brand abuse is growing daily. 
Protect your brand and customers from cybersquatting, traffic diversion, brand dilution and devaluation, imposter social media accounts, copyrighted image/logo search, and lookalike domain names.

Phishing Detection Service

Protect your business from the earliest stages of a phishing attack by detecting 30% more phishing URLs up to seven hours faster.

Rogue Application Detection Service

Prevent customers from downloading unauthorized or malicious applications from online app stores that could result in stolen personally identifiable information and compromised user accounts.

Domain Name Registration Monitoring

Fight brand infringement from new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs) like .company, .bank, .sucks, etc. and protect your customers from falling for fake and lookalike domain names.

Brand Protection Helps You

  • Increase website traffic and revenues, keeping your customers safe from diversion schemes by competitors and fraudsters
  • Lower brand devaluation and dilution risks from unauthorized entities improperly or falsely claiming or publicizing a partnership or other endorsement
  • Reduce customer fraud and the associated costs and damage to your brand reputation
  • Improve online branding ROI and effectiveness
  • Detect newly configured phishing attacks, often before they are fully launched

Cyber Security Center

If your organization doesn’t have the internal resources to monitor the entire range of online activity around the clock, LookingGlass security analysts provide a 24×7 review and vetting of online material, sending only relevant, actionable items your team actually needs to see via email or a secure customer portal.

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