Protect Your Most Valuable Assets


Executive Threat Assessment

Want to see the online exposure of your executives and board members? Use this assessment 
to do just that. Understand their online vulnerabilities and mitigate them before they are leveraged 
by adversaries.

Family Monitoring

Accidental disclosures of confidential information from family members can be just as damaging as a directed cyber attack. Keep your key executives and their families from giving away information that can be leveraged harmfully by threat actors.

Physical Events

There are always threats associated with high-profile events — the Olympics, high-profile conferences, etc. Arm your security teams with investigative reports on physical and cyber security concerns so your employees, networks, and physical infrastructures are safe before the big day.

Vendor Assessments

Determine your vendors physical and cyber risks with this snapshot assessment of publicly available information. You will receive actionable information on network hygiene and cyber vulnerabilities; hacker activities and data leaks; and regulatory, legal, compliance, brand and reputation, and physical and executive security threats.

Cyber Security Center

If your organization doesn’t have the internal resources to monitor the entire range of online activity around the clock, LookingGlass security analysts provide a 24×7 review and vetting of online material, sending only relevant, actionable items your team actually needs to see via email or a secure customer portal.

Threat Intelligence Operations

Leverage our highly-skilled cyber intelligence analysts for deep-dive reports, web-based searches, and any other investigations and analyses. The team monitors both internal and external threats, such as malware and ransomware, specific threat actor groups, and high-profile events.

Assess Risk.