You have deployment options

LookingGlass offers Real-time Awareness of Malicious C2, Phishing, and Malicious URLs 
as a service and as a do-it-yourself solution.

As a managed service

Let LookingGlass protect your company against fraud and phishing threats using our cybersecurity platforms and systems.

  • Our security team protects your business assets and your customers’ and employees’ sensitive data from:

    • Malware hosting/distribution detection
    • Virus/Botnet infection
    • Command and control activity
    • Malicious/Scanning behavior
    • Phishing/Vishing activity
    • Ransomware
  • Receive IOC notification at time of discovery.

  • Our Response and Mitigation Services provide fast, efficient, and affordable response to insure prompt removal of:

    • Social media impersonation
    • Phishing and identity theft
    • Copyright and trademark violations


Protect your organization against fraud and phishing with LookingGlass:

  • Threat Intelligence Feeds

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  • ScoutShield™ Threat Intelligence Gateway

    Outmaneuver event the most sophisticated cyber enemies — automatically. LookingGlass ScoutShield Threat Intelligence Gateway gives your security teams a high-assurance, zero-touch security appliance designed to operationalize threat intelligence into your organization’s network.

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  • Response and Mitigation Services

    Minimize the impact of phishing URLs with LookingGlass’ 24×7 mitigation for swift resolution.

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Protected by LookingGlass


The LookingGlass Protected Site Seal is a trust mark displayed on the websites of organizations that utilize LookingGlass Phishing Solutions that provides early detection of sites used for phishing attacks.

By implementing the Seal on your website, we’ll be alerted whenever someone tries to copy your website for malicious purposes. We detect 100 percent of all ingested phishing attacks targeting your customers when you deploy the LookingGlass Protected Site Seal and automated fraud feed.

Cyber Security Center

If your organization doesn’t have the internal resources to monitor the entire range of online activity around the clock, LookingGlass security analysts provide a 24×7 review and vetting of online material, sending only relevant, actionable items your team actually needs to see via email or a secure customer portal.

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