Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform

LookingGlass™ ScoutPrime™ enables 3rd party risk monitors, security operations centers and threat researchers to use advanced threat scoring to make better decisions using actionable threat intelligence.

ScoutPrime provides a new approach to interacting with and consuming threat intelligence via fully customizable Threat Indicator Confidence (TIC) scores that allow organizations the ability to quickly understand and set the associated risk for threat intelligence based on their risk preference. Additionally, ScoutPrime offers a customizable dashboard layout that streamlines the consumption of threat intelligence and promotes collaboration among users with the ultimate goal of making discovery easier and reducing time to action.

By correlating global internet topology with active threat intelligence, ScoutPrime has the flexibility to support a number of use cases such as 3rd Party Risk monitoring, Security Operations, Incident Response and Threat Research. Additionally, ScoutPrime provides organizations with dynamic alerting capabilities to automate the discovery of new actionable threat intelligence and ultimately decide what action needs to be taken to mitigate the threat.

ScoutPrime delivers advanced threat scoring and alerting to contextualize and automate the discovery of actionable threat intelligence. ScoutPrime allows organizations the ability to customize the associated risk of threat intelligence empowering them to make better decisions to mitigate threats.

ScoutPrime Threat Intelligence Platform