Network Telemetry and Threat Intelligence Intersect

LookingGlass ScoutInterXect™ complements the LookingGlass™ award-winning ScoutVision™ Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) by ingesting nfdump data and correlating organizational network telemetry with threat intelligence. The result is enhanced visibility for security forensics and faster incident response actions.

ScoutInterXect in 4 Minutes

Key Features

Focused Threat Correlation

Fuse and report context specific to your network operations directly with ScoutVision threat intelligence platform. Run ad hoc and daily reports across user-defined line-of-businesses, market sectors, and network topology including: country, ASN, CIDR, IP, FQDN, and user-defined tagged assets.

Forensic Reporting

Combine network telemetry with active or historical threat intelligence to create an intuitive report structure that describes key activities in network investigations. These include threat intelligence and directional traffic telemetry captures that are arranged by least, or most active, for a given time span.

Collaborative Investigations

Publish research easily using shareable links that provide fast access to specific reports. Save and retrieve reports from all users on a given project, accelerate collaboration and increase efficiency.

ScoutInterXect is separately licensed and interoperates with ScoutVision 4.4 or higher.

ScoutInterXect is delivered as a customer on-premises appliance.  Three appliance models are available based on capacity for ingesting network telemetry data, factoring both data rates and days of retention.

For more detailed information on ScoutInterXect, please download the data sheet.