LookingGlass Cyber Threat Center™ is a cloud-based threat intelligence platform that meets your security, cyber, and threat intelligence needs.

The Cyber Threat Center combines web search, social media monitoring, underground channel information, and global intelligence into a single, easy-to-use platform giving you insights into threats outside your network perimeter. You can discover physical and cyber threat activity faster with investigative tools and databases of threat actors, domain names and IP data, phishing activity, and malware.

In addition to configuring text-based and image-based searches, the Cyber Threat Center enables you to use threat-specific filters, custom searches, and alerts to rapidly view and process large volumes of online data in real time. The Cyber Threat Center also features customized reporting and a full suite of investigative tools to turn data into usable, relevant threat intelligence.

Key Benefits
  • More accurate and complete image search: find images without relying on textual data or image tags.
  • Save time using a single tool to align corporate events, executive travel, and other dates with online threats and statements by  stalkers, hacktivists, and other adversaries.
  • Enhance analyst efficiency by eliminating manual data integrations from multiple sources.

Next Steps