LookingGlass Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) integrates the world’s leading collection of threat data, turning an overwhelming aggregation of information into usable, actionable threat intelligence.


LookingGlass™ ScoutPrime™ accelerates time-to-action as a threat intelligence platform ideal for complex threat analysis. Offering the industry’s largest collection of threat intelligence data feeds layered on real-time global Internet intelligence, ScoutPrime provides search, analysis, and collaboration tools ideal for Threat Intelligence Analysts and Third Party Risk Managers. With multivariable advanced searches, Threat Indicator Confidence™, the ScoutPrime Graph Explorer, shareable workspaces and dashboards, and advanced notification mechanisms, ScoutPrime users can perform more risk analyses and deliver results faster.

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LookingGlass™ ScoutVision™ provides comprehensive and relevant actionable risk information, streamlining workflows, dramatically increasing incident response, security operations, and threat intelligence analyst efficiency. ScoutVision combines real-time global Internet intelligence with hundreds of correlated threat data feeds summarized in a simple but powerful workspace.

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LookingGlass ScoutInterXect™ fuses internal enterprise network telemetry with real-time and historical ScoutVision global threat and Internet intelligence information. This innovative blending of data delivers enhanced visibility for security forensics and faster incident response actions by security professionals.

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Cyber Threat Center

LookingGlass Cyber Threat Center™ offers an intuitive, yet powerful, interface to manage data collection and efficiently exploit and analyze a wide range of sources, languages, and document formats in one place. You can also configure and customize unlimited searches, filters, rules, and alerts.

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Virus Tracker

LookingGlass Virus Tracker® is a global botnet monitoring system, based on “sinkholes”: sensors that listen on the Internet for virus infections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Virus Tracker has billions of historical infection records dating back to 2012 and identifies over 3 million new malware infections every day.

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