Addressing Your Challenges With Advanced Surveillance

LookingGlass Physical Security Monitoring-as-a-Service is completely managed by LookingGlass analysts who monitor the surface, social, and Deep and Dark Web for real-time indicators of threats to your brand and reputation. Customers receive granular incident notifications delivered via portal or API, as well as a monthly summary of incidents and surveillance. Go “as-a-service” for access to our people, systems, and tools so you can focus on what you do best – let us do the rest.

Our analysts identify and can remove the following threats to your employees, executives, and facilities:

  • Physical protests/disruptive activity
  • Posted threats
  • Reports of accidents or incidents
  • Impostor Twitter accounts
  • Unauthorized domain name registration
  • Posting of doxed material
  • Compromised account credentials
  • Boycott activity
  • Adversarial campaigns/petitions, and more

LookingGlass Response and Mitigation

LookingGlass Response and Mitigation services provide timely and aggressive support to remove malicious online content threatening your organization’s infrastructure, information, employees, customers, and reputation.

Fast, efficient, and affordable response services to ensure prompt removal of:

  • Social Media Impersonation & Fake Accounts
  • Phishing and Identity Theft
  • Stolen Credentials
  • Rogue Applications
  • Copyright and Trademark Violations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Malware

On-Demand Investigation & Analysis

Want more insight into the information security threats we find? Utilize our team of highly-skilled intelligence analysts for deeper research and investigations.

  • Delivered Incident Investigation
  • Online Executive Threat Assessment
  • Client or Third Party Attack Surface Assessment
  • Person of Interest Investigation
  • Event/Pre-Security Briefing
  • Threat Actor Profile/Research
  • Campaign/Breach Research
  • Domain Investigation/Analysis
  • Due Diligence/Company of Interest Investigation
  • Travel Advisory

Need it All?

LookingGlass has a super bundle of our Information, Branding, and Physical Security “as-a-Service” packages for those who need a fully integrated cyber security and physical security managed service.


The LookingGlass Protected Site Seal is a trust mark displayed on the websites of organizations that utilize LookingGlass Phishing Solutions that provides early detection of sites used for phishing attacks.

By implementing the Seal on your website, we’ll be alerted whenever someone tries to copy your website for malicious purposes. We detect 100 percent of all ingested phishing attacks targeting your customers when you deploy the LookingGlass Protected Site Seal and automated fraud feed.

LookingGlass Protected Seal

Managed Threat Services.