Extend your resources with managed services

Managed Threat Intelligence

Combines broad structured threat data feeds and incidents of compromise (IOCs) with multi-source collection across the surface, social, Deep and Dark Web.

Brand Security-as-a-Service™

Brand Security-as-a-Service monitors your brands, addressing threats like phishing websites, rogue applications, and logo/trademark abuse or misuse.

Physical Security Monitoring-as-a-Service™

Multi-source intelligence collection across social media, the surface, and Deep and Dark Web with human vetting to protect your teams.

Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service™

A completely outsourced way to protect your organization from an array of cyber threats – all while minimizing overhead and reserving your staff for mission-critical tasks.

  • Information Security-as-a-Service
    Protect your network and sensitive data from being breached.
  • Brand Security-as-a-Service
    Secure your online presence and maintain business integrity and credibility.
  • Physical Security Monitoring-as-a-Service
    Protect your most valuable physical assets – executives, employees, and corporate facilities – with online indications of threats.

Third Party Risk Monitoring™

Your vendor risk can be measured across a continuum. Why not choose a cybersecurity company who provides you a variety of solutions to efficiently address the potential risk each vendor presents? There isn’t one solution that solves third party risk. Find which one is right for you – and your vendors.

Response & Mitigation Services

LookingGlass® Response and Mitigation services provide timely and aggressive support to remove malicious online content threatening your organization’s infrastructure, information, employees, customers, and reputation.

Cyber Safety Awareness Training

Arm your employees, executives, and vendors with the right tools and tactics to proactively identify threats and protect your organization.

Assess Risk.