ScoutPrime is your Command Center



Centralize the collection and normalization of your data, including 87 out-of-the-box feeds, as well as any other commercial data feeds you may have.

Identify and Analyze


Identify and analyze threats, eliminate false positives with ScoutPrime investigation tools and Threat Indicator Confidence™ (TIC) Scoring.



Calibrate your response to incoming threats based on your organization’s risk tolerance.



Communicate incidents, collaborate with other analysts, and create a ticket with the embedded incident management system.

STIX / TAXII 2.0 Support

STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression) is a language for describing cyber threat information so that it can be analyzed and/or exchanged. STIX makes it possible to explicitly characterize a cyber adversary’s motivations, capabilities, and activities, and in doing so, determine how to best defend against them. TAXII (Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information) defines services and message exchanges that enable organizations to share the information they choose with the partners they choose.

Set the Score

Leverage LookingGlass’ proprietary Threat Indicator Confidence (TIC) scoring to find relevant threats faster and reduce alert fatigue.

With automated TIC scoring you can:

  • Score the entire Internet and all associated intelligence
  • Create a visual representation of network elements
  • Rank threats based on your organization’s environment, threat landscape, and security posture
  • Rate sources, classification, and criticality of intelligence and ultimately see how that rolls up across the global Internet

Ways to Use ScoutPrime

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Information Security Operations

Security Operations Centers can perform more granular monitoring on network elements, and receive notifications of changes in risk to threat intelligence. This enables them to take appropriate actions in a more timely manner.

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Third Party
Risk Analysis

Make risk-based decisions about vendors, partners, and your supply chain by monitoring third party network elements for changes in associated threat intelligence.

Manage Intelligence.