Hunt with Open Source Intelligence

The Cyber Threat Center platform streamlines threat data from open source intelligence (OSINT) – social media, Deep web, Darknet – so your analysts can focus on hunting down and destroying threats. With the help of 24×7 monitoring and image-based search, security analysts are more efficient and can pinpoint emerging physical and information-based threats in near real-time.

Protect Critical Assets

Have a major shareholder meeting coming up? Is your CEO traveling to a conference? Worried about a protest near one of your buildings?

The Cyber Threat Center monitors for threats to business-critical assets such as employees, facilities, and networks, as well as delivers more accurate predictions of likely targets by comparing current trends to historical data.

See the Bigger Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. The Cyber Threat Center’s intuitive dashboard and Threat Map helps analysts easily track web-based physical and information threats.

Manage Intelligence.