Cyber criminals use phishing webpages to impersonate legitimate websites and leverage well-known brands in order to trick people into visiting rogue websites and capture their log-in credentials. Fraudsters then use this information to compromise banking and social networking accounts, and to distribute spam and malware via compromised email accounts. The LookingGlass Phishing URL Data Feed is a continuous feed of these pages discovered live, minute by minute, on the Internet.

Whether your goal is to protect your employees from social engineering, guard your network from malicious content or downloads, shield your customers from harm, or incorporate phishing awareness into software or hardware, the Phishing URL Data Feed is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement method to get “Phish-Aware” quickly and easily.


Real-Time Delivery

Every hour a phishing website is live means more data lost, credentials compromised, funds stolen, and trust degraded.

This means that real-time discovery, detection and reporting are critical to maximizing the effectiveness of any phishing data feed. Our feed is updated every five minutes, and we use nearly a dozen distinct detection sources and methods — including spam email, daily new domain registrations, “suspect email” streams from major webmail providers and our patented “invisible site seal” technology — to ensure the fastest possible discovery of phishing pages anywhere online.

99.9% Accuracy

Our phishing detection engine has been continuously updated and re-trained for more than seven years using each day’s findings to improve results. Our feed is quality-controlled by a team of experienced, multi-lingual threat analysts who staff our 24×7 Security Operations Center. This combination of human expertise and superior technology ensures we are delivering the highest possible quality solution. With more than one million phishing websites detected to date, our customers have reported fewer than 100 false positives – ever! You can trust that you’re getting an intelligence feed that won’t take up precious resources with manual review or time-consuming verification with the LookingGlass Phishing URL Data Feed.

Easy Implementation

Available via Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) or HTTPS web service, the feed is posted in both CSV and XML formats. We provide sample files on request, two-week live trials for qualified prospects, and simple, concise implementation documents that have many customers’ feeds up and running in less than a day.

Next Steps