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Shield your organization from costly network outages by automatically blocking known phishing, malware, and malicious command and control domains.

The Need for Speed: Integrated Threat Response

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The power of deep packet processing

Our competitors offer packet inspection. We give you the advantage of packet processing.

Go from information to action to resolution in milliseconds — not days.

  • Deep packet inspection

    Use information to manually

    • Adjust router configuration
    • Adjust firewall rules
    • Tune IPS
    • Custom solution

    Deep packet processing

    Use information + intelligence to

    • Fully programmable
    • Rapid traffic management solutions
    • Open to partners and customers
    • Extensible for any solution
    1. Information

    2. Action

    3. Resolution

    LookingGlass Calendar

    Inspection takes:
    Hours or days

    LookingGlass Clock

    Processing takes:

Choose Your Armor

Our scalable, high-security, high-performance appliances are designed to rapidly respond to emerging threats and changing network conditions, all while maintaining network uptime and business continuity. Choose the threat mitigation appliances that best meets your unique business requirements.


Stealth Threat Response at the Network Edge
Programmable appliance with network invisibility, ease of integration, and small footprint to support existing security infrastructure.


Secure Deep Packet Processing Platform
Enables secure application consolidation while delivering unprecedented physical and computing security.

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