Fortify Your Network


Shield your organization from costly network outages by automatically blocking known phishing, malware, and malicious command and control domains.


Immediately stop attacks entering your organization's network at line speeds.


Detect malicious traffic at network speeds.

DNS Defender™

Protect against DNS manipulation.

Unmatched PROTECTION: 7 layer DNS security

Each layer is uniquely specialized to protect against all kinds of DNS attacks.

Most companies cover two or three layers, only LookingGlass covers all seven.

  1. Protocol Filter

    Prevents: Non-DNS Traffic
    Helps with: Policy enforcement

  2. Source/Destination Filter

    Prevents: Late binding, cache poisoning, address attacks
    Helps with: Policy enforcement, rate limits

  3. DNS Attack Filter

    Prevents: Christmas Tree attack

  4. DNS Validation Filter

    Prevents: Buffer, fragmentation, malformed names, flag issues

  5. DNS Type Filter

    Prevents: Cache poisoning, poison pills
    Helps with: Policy enforcement

  6. Transaction Tracking Filter

    Prevents: Amplification (DDoS, DoS, reflection, flood attacks)
    Helps with: Network issues

  7. DNS Flow Optimizer Filter

    Prevents: Collateral damage from botnet attacks on DNS
    Helps with: Recursive server performance

Choose Your Armor

Choose from LookingGlass Threat Mitigation Platforms tailored to the size and needs of your organization. The high-security, high-performance appliances are designed and built to protect the enterprise at a level that meets your business goals.


View all appliance options in a handy comparison chart (PDF).

Defend Your Network.