Our Monitoring Service

Account Credentials

Compromised Account Credentials

LookingGlass monitors against standard email domains with a growing compromised credentials database of over 5 billion unique accounts to protect against compromised human assets.

Social Security Numbers

Compromised Social Security Numbers

Protect your customers and business processes against identity theft and fraud with continuous monitoring of Social Security Numbers (SSNs). LookingGlass monitors hashed SSNs against daily dumps across various layers of the Internet.

Credit Card Numbers

Compromised Credit Card Numbers

LookingGlass actively monitors for leaked credit card numbers round-the-clock to detect compromised accounts across your network.

Deep and Dark Web

Dark Web

Accessing the Deep and Dark Web is a challenge that requires the right tools, skills, and knowledge to navigate these pages. LookingGlass’ collection systems use multiple methods to visit, crawl, index, and analyze the Deep and Dark Web. This includes daily domain registrations, spam email, and other non-web link sources.

Our unparalleled access to networks like Tor, I2P, Zeronet, and Freenet provide real-time information about credential leaks, and data breaches, saving you from third party breaches, insider threat, and fraud.


Multi-layered Threat Coverage

LookingGlass crawls, indexes, and analyzes the various layers of the Internet – including the Deep and Dark Web – gathering CCI information. This data is then human-vetted by our expert analysts for trends and recommendations on how to combat emerging threats.

Flexible Consumption Model

Easily monitor and control PII with secure file transfer, public key encryption, and always-hashed data that is never passed in plain text.

Ease of Integration

With documentation, downloadable code samples, and 24/7/365 customer support, CCI feeds can be easily ingested and consumed, often in a matter of hours.

Cyber Threat Intelligence.