Surgical Threat Response


Low-Touch Operations

Eliminates maintenance of long-term policies or complexity around changing rule sets with automated LookingGlass threat intelligence derived rule sets.


Customizable Integrations

Flexibility to integrate other threat intelligence feeds and rulesets to better suit your organization’s needs.


Network Invisibility

No IP or MAC addresses means there is no need to change the network topology and no way for the adversary to detect its presence on the network.


Stealth Threat Response at the Network Edge
The LookingGlass® Intelligent Response and Deception (IRD-100) is a network appliance enabling flexible and rapid responses to emerging threats and changing network conditions. Combined with LookingGlass threat intelligence, this platform automates threat response at the network edge. With a fully programmable Deep Packet Processing Module (DPPM), the IRD-100 supports custom applications that meet your unique business requirements.

Key Features


Automated and Rapid Threat ResponseAutomated and Rapid
Threat Response

The LookingGlass IRD-100 is fully programmable to support customized applications.


Minimal Footprint & Centralized ManagementMinimal Footprint &
Centralized Management

IRD-100’s small footprint of 1RU performs Deep Packet Processing (DPP) at speeds of approximately 10Gbps per appliance.


Network SecurityNetwork Security

This appliance has no network presence, minimizing NetOps friction, down time, and detection from attackers in a real-time, zero-touch, threat mitigation platform.


Customizable Rule SetsCentralized

scoutSHIELD is deployed in centralized management architecture, enabling scalability with ease.


Customizable Rule SetsCustomizable
Rule Sets

Configure and manage rule sets via RESTful API or UI in addition to provided LookingGlass threat intelligence rules.


Automated Response.