Strategic Intelligence Delivered in our Digital Library

The digital library is organized to assist your security team in easily locating reports specific to planning, context and correlation, or operational initiatives.


Intelligence to help your organization, especially your senior management team members understand cyber threat trends and issues, enabling more informed decision-making and policy development.

Report Names:

  • Policy and Regulation Report
  • Special Events Analysis


Secure operational events with intelligence on adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures that may indicate future threats or lateral movements across geographies, similar industries, and peer companies.

Report Names:

  • Industry Threats & Risk Report
  • Threat Actor Landscape Report


Actionable intelligence based on time-sensitive events enabling organizations to make better, real-time, tactical decisions.

Report Names:

  • Data Breach Alerts
  • Risk & Threat Analysis
  • Cyber News Alerts
  • Daily Threat News

Subscribers Get More

STRATISS includes two additional components to elevate your strategic intelligence endeavors.

With your STRATISS subscription, you also have access to security and intelligence analysts who author our finished intelligence. These analysts are available to answer questions about any STRATISS report. Leverage LookingGlass strategic intelligence to enhance your security posture with finished intelligence written by LookingGlass security experts.

The subscription also includes an annual Cyber Attack Surface Analysis report, which exposes any internal risks in your organization’s cybersecurity posture. This analysis identifies:

  • Live or recent network infections
  • Identification of breached account credentials
  • Severity of vulnerabilities in public-facing applications
  • Fake lookalike domain names that are responsible for spear phishing attacks
  • Coverage of over 6,000 known threat actors, activists and groups

Acquire Intelligence.