CCI Monitoring

Compromised Credentials

Compromised Account Credentials

LookingGlass monitors against standard email domains with a growing database of over 5 billion unique compromised credentials to protect against compromised human assets.

Compromised SS

Compromised Social Security Numbers

Hijacking an identity is made easier with the illegal acquisition of social security numbers. Protect your customers and business processes against identity theft and fraud with continuous monitoring of social security numbers. The LookingGlass Compromised Social Security Number service monitors hashed SSNs against daily dumps across various layers of the Internet.

Compromised Credit Card

Compromised Credit Card Numbers

The dreaded phone call from the bank fraud department is the last thing anyone wants for their business, their employees, or their customers. Credit card numbers are frequently traded and sold on the Internet, including the Deep and Dark Web, which is precisely where LookingGlass actively monitors round-the-clock. Keep fraud at bay with our Compromised Credit Card monitoring.

Deep and Dark Web

The Deep and Dark Web make up 5-10% of the overall Internet, and should be treated as just one more source of information to be monitored. Accessing these online areas, though, is another challenge.

With the right tools and skills, you can visit, crawl, index, and analyze the Deep and Dark Web, just like any other set of content on the surface web, to find specific threats to your business, saving you from third party breaches, insider threat, fraud, and more.

The LookingGlass collection systems use multiple methods, including daily domain registrations, spam email, and other non-web link sources to discover millions of “hidden” Deep Web sites. Our unparalleled access to networks like Tor, I2P, Zeronet, and Freenet provide real-time information about credential leaks, data breaches, and more.

Understanding the Deep and Dark Web and how it factors into cybersecurity

Eric Olson, VP of Intelligence Operations


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