Addressing Your Challenges

LookingGlass has three distinct “as-a- service” packages. Each delivers continuous monitoring of the Internet – surface, social, Deep and Dark Web – for real-time indicators of threats. Customers also receive granular incident notifications delivered via portal or API, as well as a
monthly summary of incidents.


By 2020, the average cost of a data breach is expected to reach more than $150M. Keep your organization’s network and sensitive information safe from malware, phishing, ransomware, and more.

  • LookingGlass Information Security-as-a-Service identifies the following 
threats to your organization:

    Observed on Company Systems

    • Malware hosting / distribution
    • Virus / botnet detection
    • Command-and-control activity
    • Malicious / scanning behavior
    • Hosting phishing activity
    • Ransomware
    • Sending spam
    • Question use: proxy, tor node, etc.

    Observed on Open Source

    • Compromised company account credentials
    • Suspicious domain registration
    • Phishing and spoof sites
    • Sensitive / Confidential / IUO document & information disclosure
    • Search for sensitive data
    • Discussion by known threat actors
    • Discussions/threats in the Dark Web, Hacker Forums, IRC, etc.
    • Data breach announcement


Organizations can lose millions of dollars every year to online brand infringement. Whether your brand is used in a fake domain name, or your logo is placed next to damaging content, the impact can be disastrous to your revenue, reputation, customer trust, and customer loyalty.

  • Secure your online presence and maintain business integrity and credibility with LookingGlass Brand Security-as-a-Service, monitoring for:

    • Domain name issues —
cyber / typo squatting
    • Logo / trademark abuse or misuse
    • False / questionable / confidential claimed relationships
    • Objectionable content using the brand
    • Unauthorized or imposter
social media accounts
    • Rogue and unauthorized
application discovery
    • Negative workplace commentary
    • Inappropriate employee conduct
    • Questionable use of corporate 
email account
    • Site Phishing/Site spoofing

Physical Security

Convergence of the cyber and physical worlds has made the work of physical security teams on the ground infinitely harder. With LookingGlass Physical Security Monitoring-as-a-Service, pinpoint mission critical online chatter that threatens harm to your organization’s most valuable physical assets – executives, employees, and
corporate facilities.

  • Stay in the know about:

    • Physical protests / disruptive activity targeting your company or in proximity of corporate and / or executive locations
    • Online threats to employees, executives, and corporate facilities
    • Incidents involving company assets
or personnel
    • Imposter social media accounts registered to “C” level executives
    • Domain name registrations related to “C” level executives
    • Doxing of “C” level executives
    • Boycott activity related to
your company
    • Adversarial campaigns, petitions, or divestiture commentary

Need it All?

LookingGlass has a super bundle of our Information, Branding, and Physical Security “as-a-Service” packages for those who need a fully integrated managed service.

Additional Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, LookingGlass also provides the following powerful services at an additional cost.

On-Demand Investigation
& Analysis™

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Response & Mitigation Services

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Why go “as-a-service?”

Lack the staff/skills, budget, and/or infrastructure to continuously and cost-effectively fight cyber threats? Learn why the “as-a- service” model is the most cost-effective way to address your security needs at every stage of the business cycle.

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