Choose the Package that Best Meets Your Needs

Augment your security team with a LookingGlass security analyst. You may have a discrete project that requires a full- or half-time resource. Or, you may want the flexibility to call once a month or eight times a month. We have made it easy to add one of our highly-skilled cyber intelligence analysts to your team – when you need them most.


LookingGlass On-Demand Investigation and Analysis packages give you the flexibility to have any of the following requests fulfilled by our expert team. Purchase a single request, a bundle of ten, or an annual package of 1-8 per month.

  • Delivered Incident Investigation
    Investigate and provide additional context to an alert or a delivered incident from LookingGlass.
  • Online Executive Threat Assessment
    A risk and vulnerability assessment of an executive’s online footprint, including the online activity of their spouse / partner and dependent children.
  • Client or Third Party Attack Surface Assessment
    Assessment of the cybersecurity posture of a client or third party that evaluates evidence of system compromise and infection, compromised account credentials, vulnerabilities in externally facing applications, spear phishing risk, and online indications and warnings.
  • Person of Interest Investigation
    Investigation into a POI (internal or external) that typically involves attempting to establish a real-life identity or future actions of a poster, threat agent, or other individual or interest.
  • Malware / File Analysis
    Typically, this involves reverse engineering of a suspicious malware sample or file, obtaining Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), linking to possible author, campaign and / or 
malware family.
  • Event / Pre-security Briefing
    A formal report detailing the risks and vulnerabilities associated with an event of interest.
  • Threat Actor Profile / Research
    Research and analysis of a bad actor’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), links to any campaigns, investigation into motivation, group affiliations, and online presence.
  • Campaign / Breach Research
    Typically involves attempting to establish attribution, malware campaign tracking, and / or determining attack scope, size, who is affected, and who has data in the wild.
  • Domain Investigation / Analysis
    Investigation and analysis of suspicious domains or IP addresses for any malicious activities, links to known campaigns or threat actors, or past threat activity.
  • Due Diligence / Company of Interest Investigation
    Investigation into a business of interest to include legal risks, regulatory compliance matters and sanctions review, reputation risks, and executive profile review.
  • Travel Advisory
    A formal report detailing physical, cyber, and geopolitical risks associated with a designated geographic region or country / location of interest.

Add a full or Half-time Analyst to Your Team

There are times when you need a fully-trained cyber intelligence analyst that can conduct web-based searches, investigations, and analyses quickly, efficiently, and with the highest level of discretion. Our analyst can work in conjunction with your own security and investigative staff, or to augment your overall security posture.

The team expands the breadth and depth of any assessment using LookingGlass’ vast database of open source intelligence and threat actors, along with customized research and in-depth analysis from our team of security experts.

The Benefits of On-Demand

Investigative Specialists & Expert Analysis

  • Quickly and efficiently find information on security issues including both physical (i.e. demonstrations and protests) and digital threats.
  • Analyst expertise in the fields of cyber intelligence, intelligence studies, and behavioral science.
  • Focus on your core business processes and eliminate the need for in-house staff to spend valuable time on manual reviews of thousands of websites and social media platforms.

Geopolitical Intelligence

  • Keep international businesses safe with Country Assessments that assess target geographic areas.

Open Source Intelligence Database

  • Identify potential online vulnerabilities to help internal stakeholders better understand potential dangers facing executives and their families.

Global Intelligence

  • Expand the depth and breadth of your coverage with analysts who apply their cultural and foreign language skills to help you understand threats across the globe.
  • Broader, deeper visibility into potential threats and deep-dive analysis of persons of interest.

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