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LookingGlass is the only threat-centric security company in the industry with the portfolio to
holistically operationalize cyber threat intelligence.

The LookingGlass™ product and service portfolio of threat intelligence services, machine-readable threat intelligence, threat intelligence management, and threat mitigation capabilities enables our threat-centric approach to be proactively leveraged by our clients unlike any other company in the industry.

Threat Intelligence Services

The LookingGlass Cyber Threat Intelligence Group™ (CTIG), a team of over 80 security professionals spanning 50 languages, is ready to deliver to your corporate and information security teams a comprehensive range of Threat Intelligence Services. 

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Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence

LookingGlass offers the results of our curated security research and data in the form of a wide range of Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence feeds available separately or in several convenient, cost-effective bundles. Unlike antiquated narrative reports, which create anxiety rather than actions, Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence feeds data directly into your capable cyber security defense and analytic systems to provide immediate defense or intelligence customized to your environment.

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Threat Intelligence Management

LookingGlass ScoutPrime™, ScoutVision™ and Cyber Threat Center™ together represent the world’s leading source of gathered, integrated, correlated, and usable threat intelligence. ScoutPrime and ScoutVision extract, transform, and loads comprehensive threat data from over 140 global feeds and the LookingGlass Global Internet MonitoRing™ (GLIMR) system. LookingGlass Cyber Threat Center brings together a wide range of intelligence data and tools into a single easy-to-use platform. It combines web search, social media monitoring, underground channel information, and global intelligence to give you insights into the threats outside your network perimeter. 

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Threat Mitigation

Among purported Threat Intelligence Platform or Threat Intelligence Management vendors, only LookingGlass operationalizes Threat Intelligence Management in the form of many comprehensive Threat Mitigation Solutions based on LookingGlass Deep Packet Processing™ technology including LookingGlass Dynamic Threat Defense™, LookingGlass DNS Defender®, LookingGlass NetDefender™,  and LookingGlass NetSentry™.

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